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Top Digital Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. 

A successful digital marketing campaign is based on:

- The type of business

- Your competition

- The products or services offered

- The target market & behaviors

Each campaign should be different and continually changing based on the behavior of your customers. If you are not adapting with a dynamic strategy, you could fall behind your competition and lose potential business. 

Here are some of the most popular marketing tools that you should be using:

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been the cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns since...forever. In 2020, this is still important. Providing high quality content in the form of blogs, photos, videos, testimonials, etc., allows you to communicate your expertise and personality with your readers. Informative content will build a relationship based on trustworthiness that will encourage them to return. Not to mention, great content is also fantastic for your SEO!

Automated Emails & Personalization

It's simple - when it comes to email marketing and digital advertising, it must be personalized for the individual or group. Generic ads and emails are increasingly being ignored, so we must make a change. By segmenting email lists and sending personalized, automated emails based on a person's actions or interests, you open up more opportunities for meaningful communication than if you had just sent a general email to the entire list.

Video Marketing

If you have a text ad, photo ad, and video ad all next to each other, I guarantee the video ad will receive the most views, clicks and overall engagements. People respond best to visual, informative content. Whether it's a professional video on your website or a live video stream on your social media account, it's valuable, personal - and if it's done right - your customers will love it.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

We're all familiar with the power that Google Ads can hold, but now they are stepping it up. Google is introducing an automated system that uses instant computer learning in order to optimize your bids and maximize your conversions. In a nutshell - the smart ads can automatically change and update based on the actions of the users to give you the best ROI. The goal is to get all of your ads ranked higher than the competition, and at a quicker rate.

Structured Data SEO

Have you ever searched for a recipe on Google and it shows you cards with photos and a link? Or searched for a job and Google displays job listings? Or even just had a general search and Google gives you a handy list of Q&A’s based on your inquiry? This information is compiled using structured data that is added to the code of your website. If executed properly, structured data can boost your organic SEO to show your readers easy to access information that encourages website visits. This is a fantastic, low-cost way to utilize your website to it’s full potential. 

Website Security & Privacy

Huge data breaches, hackers and malware are causing people to become more careful about their privacy and security on the web. If a customer visits your website and they do not feel safe, they will leave. You need to earn the trust of your customers and ensure them that their data is safe. If you do not have security protection in place, it will not only open up your website to hackers but also targets anyone who visits your website. Additionally, having a secure website (https) vs an insecure website (http) will affect your Google ranking and SEO.

Shoppable Posts

If you sell a physical product, you should not be sleeping on shoppable posts using a Facebook Store and Instagram Product Tags. If a consumer wants your product, you need to make it as simple as possible for them to make a purchase. If the customer has to leave an app, or open another window, you will lose more than half of your sales. By implementing a Facebook store or product tags on Instagram, they can easily purchase your product without ever leaving the platform. 

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of these services.

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